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About Archangels
Chakra, Color, Flower & Gemstone Associations 

There are currently twelve major archangels who interact with different aspects of life on Earth. This chart describes some of the many correlations these beings have to our lives.

By understanding corresponding  chakras (energy centers in and above the body) and associated colors, flowers and gemstones, we integrate these kind beings more fully into our lives. It's a way to get to know them and the assistance they offer us.

Surround yourself with colors associated with archangel realms from whom you want support. Use color actively in your life for healing and energy. Paint a room, expand your wardrobe colors, collect gems and minerals, and grow flowers to enhance your connection with the Archangel realms and the healing they have to offer.

The flower and gemstone associations are based more on their healing property associations with archangels than their colors, although colors may be aligned.






Courage, protection,
connection to life

Base of spine


Evening Primrose - Healing & integration
Orange Flame Flower Cactus - Understanding anger
Yarrow - Protection
Beryllonite - Personal expression
Gyrolite - Earth healing
Zincite - Grounding

Compassion, children,
plants, animals, nature

sexual organs


Eucalyptus - Eases grief, difficulty, hostility in partnerships
Olive - Vitality
Sycamore - Balanced discipline

Jet - Emotional balance
Pyragyrite - Bridging differences
Szenicsite - Spiritual guides

Light, energy,
power, emotions

solar plexus


Cereus Cactus - Breakthrough
Lotus - Emotional/spiritual harmony
Rosa Roxburghi (Chestnut Rose) - New awareness

Jasper (yellow) - Stimulates endocrine system
Quartzite - Higher ideals
Zunyite - Group interaction

Love, healing



Edelweiss - Instinctual awareness
Rubarb - Heart energy
Wild Oat - Soul purpose

Kasolite - Inner radiance
Pyroxmangite - Emotional perspective
Vivianite - Collective attunement

Communication, media,
teaching, music



Optunia Polyacantha - New perspectives
Rosa Arkansana - Acceptance
Zinnia - Laughter

Hemimorphite - Sound healing
Durangite - Personal expression
Quartz (turquoise) - Deep understanding

Knowledge, perception,
intelligence, protection



Elephant's Head - Wisdom
Rosa Maximawicziana - Shifting boundaries
Vine - Wise leadership

Osarizawaite - Group interaction
Sapphire (blue) - Clarity, inspiration
Wulfenite - Emotional therapy

Spiritual understanding,
perfection, art, beauty

Top of head,
pineal gland


Curry Leaf Tree - Energize, catalyze
Lavendar - Spiritual progress
Wintergreen - Higher self attunement

Dussertite - Conscious responsibility
Ruby - Spiritual balance
Tyrolite - Heart shift

Manifestation, building,
structure, organization

Above head


Calla Lily - Forgiveness
English Elm - Strength, confidence
Mullein - Initiative, persistence

Azurite - Expansion
Citrine Quartz - Clear thinking
Willemite - Common bond

Stability in inner and
outer environments

Above head


Dill - Positive outlook
Nutmeg - Past-life integration/therapy
Rosa Virginia - Inner calm

Fluorite - Life force into physical body
Kermesite - Life force in key centers like feet and hands
Sugilite - Crown chakra

Love of knowledge,
health, family

Above head


Cinquefoil - Genetic consciousness
Lovage - Divine feminine
Quaking Grass - Improves relationships

Amblygmite - Insight, understanding
Cuprosklodowskite - Regeneration
Green Tourmaline - Parental issues

Thought, knowledge;
supervises Akashic Records

Above head


Chrysanthemum - Creates objectivity
Ipecac - Emotional balance
Redwood - Firmness

Hessonite Garnet - Earth attunement
Sunstone - Inner strength
Tiger's Eye - Higher purpose

Unity, peace,

Above head

all colors

Daisy - Spiritualizes intellect
Green Rose - Psychic balance, channeling
Protea - Peacefullness

Galena - Spiritual growth
Ludlamite - Multi-dimensionality; understanding energy of love, joy
Stibnite - Higher love

Holistic Soul Works (2012)


Using Color for Healing 
Angels are often portrayed in the blue sky and white clouds. As nice as the aetheric realms are, angels come to our aid where we live - in our daily lives on Earth. To support grounding of lived experience with angels, Elizabeth and her angelic helpers have chosen colors for this web site that enhance this process:

Green: 4th & 9th chakras for
healing, love, environmental stability & sustainability
Yellow/gold: 3rd & 11th chakras for
emotions, empowerment & knowledge

Seven chakras associated with physical body
Seven chakras associated with physical body

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Lotuses symbolize growth of consciousness

Calling on Angels: How to do a Prayer Request

You can call on the archangel realms to assist you. They are compassionate beings who stand with us to create a better world.

Twelve major archangels assist us on Earth at this time. The archangel chart above describes their chakra (power center), color, gemstone and flower associations, as well as their special areas of expertise.

What to ask for

Requests the angels love to support involve growth, learning, protection, healing and selfless assistance to others. The more sincere, meaningful and honorable the request, the greater the results will be.

This form of prayer request is not a substitute for clearing, which requires specialized training and protection.

Experiencing Angels

None of this healing work requires that you see angels. Although you may have a visual experience, that is not the goal. Angels are not focused on overwhelming you by appearing in this dimension. Then they might have to help you get over an overwhelming experience.

People and angels live in different dimensions. Angels generally like to keep it that way unless there is an overriding reason for them to appear to us.

It is more helpful to feel angels working in your life than to see them appear. These are no-nonsense beings who are here to help humanity - angels in work boots. They want to help us heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. If you feel a shift in energy and changes for the better, they have done their jobs.

How to do a Prayer Request

Let's use an example. Perhaps you are having difficulty getting along with a co-worker and would like a more harmonious relationship. With this intention, sit quietly and go through these steps:

  • Gather your thoughts. Who is involved? What are the issues? What help do you need? What outcomes would you like to see? Do you need help making any internal or external changes?
  • Choose some archangel realms. Look through the list of archangels on the chart above and select your helpers. For this example, you might choose Archangel Gabriel for better communication and Archangel Raphael for healing and love.
  • Light a candle (optional). If you like, light a candle before you make your request. Angels will find you with or without a candle, but it's a nice touch.
  • Call on the Archangel realms. Speaking aloud, say three times the names of the archangels you want to help you. If there are other beings you rely on, call them in too.
  • Make your prayer request. Speaking aloud, state your request specifically. Talk naturally. For instance, "Please help heal the conflict me and __________. This is how I understand the problem. Please help us work together harmoniously and productively."
  • Sort through your thoughts during the prayer request. If you start rambling during your request, it's fine. Sorting thoughts and feelings while speaking with angels is part of the healing process. If we had it all figured out, we wouldn't need to ask for help. This is like talking with your best friends. Angels are loving and supportive. They understand what we are going through and how to heal situations.
  • Say "thank you." A heart-felt "thank you" sets any reasonable prayer request into motion.

Holistic Soul Works (2012)


Tobias with the Archangel Raphael (painting by Pietro Perugino)
Tobias with the Archangel Raphael (painting by Pietro Perugino)


Archangel Michael, Rome
Archangel Michael, Rome


Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel



Have you used colors, flowers, gemstones or prayer request for healing? How do angels and guides help you in your life? Share your experiences using the information for healing.

Learn about some of your best friends, your guides and angels: Spirit Guide Reading at http://holisticsoulworks.com/spirit-guide-reading.html

Enjoy, Elizabeth Tisdel

Elizabeth Tisdel
Elizabeth Tisdel

Guardian angel
Guardian angel
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael
Cathedral angel
Cathedral angel
Hindu angel
Hindu angel